Finding Your Inner Tigger

Libraries and bookstores and even some people’s homes have libraries committed  to self-help books. Serving up fun in your own life can be a rough road for some and even for me at times. It seems like happiness is a never-ending journey for most – much like trying to find the fountain of youth. Really, after 50 years, I’ve learned that everything you need to make you happy is inside your own brain and heart. The Wizard of Oz’s scarecrow realized receiving a piece a paper could not make him a genius, a book cannot make you happy.

My journey has taught me that a person, a piece of clothing, a house or any “thing” will not give you lasting happiness. Happiness truly comes from within. It truly is a choice. Choose to wake up and be Tigger every day and it’s amazing how infectious it is to the people around you.

I’m blessed to have a Tigger in my life and today’s photo shows her serving up more fun and laughter.

My Tigger


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