Out With the Old in With the New?

It seems very American to toss out the old and get new more often than we need to. We toss out clothes in order to buy newer styles. We toss out food, furniture, cars and many other things in order to get new shiny items. I’ve never been much into that. I’m simple and a minimalist. My house isn’t packed with knickknacks. When I was younger, I placed a lot of importance on shiny things. I’ve aged and now I realize my shiny things are family and friends. My house won’t be traded because it holds the memories of many family gatherings. Birthdays, holidays, graduations and even regular pizza night to honor beloved family in heaven.

I’ve learned that shiny things are temporary. Faith, family and friends are lasting shiny priorities. So, when evaluating your old lifestyles and what you can get rid of to bring in the new, don’t forget some of that old “stuff” makes us the person we are. Embrace and live life.

Speaking of old, this is the place of great happiness for me. This little community is the birthplace of our business. We won’t be here much longer, but this “old” will never be replaced.

Old Town


2 thoughts on “Out With the Old in With the New?

  1. Despite my love of “knick knack,” which I rather refer to as decorative, memorative items, I agree that the most important aspects of our lives are embraced by the people in our lives.

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