Healing on the Run

I have a really good friend who once said, “professionals always tell you to wait, take the time to heal.” She said she was done with that and would forever “heal on the run.” I think this was a brilliant statement. We spend too much time reflecting on our past mistakes and trying to change or protect ourselves from future hurts. Forget it. Take down the walls – enjoy life and when hurt, heal on the run.

Over 50 years and 30 as an adult, I’ve bought my share of self-help books and even went to counseling a time or two. I finally realized, healing and loving life comes from within and no book or counselor can make it better. I’m better off spending my co-pays on a massage or facial and taking care of myself versus talking to someone that doesn’t know me. I can assure you that all future books will be books I want to read versus books about altering my brain and all future appointments will be for pedicures and massages versus sitting in a dark room talking to a stranger. More importantly, I will make mistakes, ask forgivness and heal on the run.

Enjoy life!

My photo today is actually not great. I ask your foregiveness. I’m trying new techniques on my photoshop program. This is a photo of some of the books on my bookshelf.


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