In My Mind. Out My Lips. In My Heart.

Every week, in my mind, I speak the lines, “in my mind, out my lips, in my heart,” while making a cross on each place (head, lips, heart.) It is tradition, right before the Gospel, during Catholic mass, to remind yourself with this action. It’s one of many traditions that go on while attending mass. These actions, are one of the top few things that I truly concentrate on remembering. I try to remember the words that are said during the Gospel. I hope to speak about the scripture and I pray that the words stay in my heart.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do these same things with ordinary conversation. Keep good lessons in our mind. Speak only good and speak often of these good lessons. And, keep good and softness in our heart. A lot of bad can come from filling our minds and hearts with bad thoughts. Even more bad can come from speaking poorly of others. The world would be a much more peaceful place to live if we lived by “in my mind – out my lips – in my heart.”

Enjoy life!

The photo below was taken while at my family reunion in northern Michigan. It is of our beloved Uncle Vince. He died this fall. He was a very thoughtful man. He lived life to the fullest and the words he spoke meant something.


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