Reunion of Family

I have a pretty large family. My son-in-law jokes that if anyone had their wisdom teeth pulled, we would all show up and my mom would pray over them. Each year, we get together in our little town in northern Michigan to have a day of fun and family with all of our aunts, uncles, cousins and more. It’s a huge extended family reunion – straight out of a Tom Sawyer book. It starts with a potluck lunch followed by a horse shoe tournament and bingo for the women. The whole thing is funded by a white elephant sale of garage treasures. It’s one Saturday afternoon in early August. We could all come up with something to do other than spend it in a field in the middle of nowhere. But, nowhere with my family, playing bingo in a polebarn is everywhere you would ever want to be. We are surrounded by laughter and love and committment – all things that anyone would ever want.

It took me awhile to love giving up this one Saturday. Now, I would never miss it. Family love is something that can’t be replaced. Family love is enduring and supportive. The Family is always there. Take a moment and appreciate the family you have.

Enjoy Life!

The two pictures below are of my “Small Town USA” reunion. The first photo is of the “elders” of the family. My mom and her siblings (She’s the second from the right) and the other is of my cousin who always wanted to be one of the Brownell girls.


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