If I Were the King of the Forest

Not Queen – oh yes I am – not Duke – not Earl!

I’ve lived most of my life in fear. It took me almost five decades to realize it, but I actually have lived most of my life in fear of something. Fear of speaking in public. Fear of speaking. Fear of large crowds. Fear of not getting accepted. Fear of rejection. Fear of loss. Fear of death. Fear of flying. Fear of being alone. It’s helped a little to admit it – but, it hasn’t healed it.

This year, I watched my niece, Jessica, move to San Diego, California. I know she wants to be near family, but, Jessica had the courage to move to the farthest place from home and try a new adventure with her husband and sweet little baby. She may not realize how courageous and how strong she is yet (as she is young,) but she is 30 years ahead of me. Another niece of mine nearly died from a pulmonary embolism. It didn’t stop her from her adventures. She was courageous and shortly after her near death experience, she flew to Italy and then delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Self confidence and courage are things I have always struggled with. I think a lot of females do. I’m just now realizing that we women can and are the King of the Forest – not queen. We just need to remind ourselves and each of other of this constantly – as we can rule this world.

Enjoy Life!

A couple of photos of my courageous nieces – paving the way for all of us new to this confidence game.


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