Gettin’ Back to Basics

When was the last time you wrote a note to a friend – with a pen or pencil? When was the last time you went to dinner or a movie without having your cell phone tethered to you. To be honest, Lorri wrote a business article on getting back to basics a few months ago. But, it’s a good reminder.

There are many good things in life that aren’t tied to technology and can make life much simpler. I’m not thinking we should all ditch our cell phones or iPads, I’m just thinking a break from being so in touch with the world would be healthy. I’m extremely guilty of this. I answer calls and try to be accessible most of the time. I carry my phone and some form of electrical device always. I haven’t totally abandoned the basics as I still write some notes, but I need to make a better effort at letting go of my tethered electronics and enjoying the world.

Take a look around and consider the people that would enjoy a handwritten note from you. Sit down and write one. You would be amazed at how freeing it feels to let go of being so available. This year, I’m going to give it try.

Enjoy Life!

This is a photo of our “back in the day” home in Traverse City. No technology, only board games, cards and love.


4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Back to Basics

  1. Lovely post and wonderful reminder. It did make me chuckle, as I’m sitting here late at night on my laptop quite literally tethered to my technology. But I’m reading and connecting in the best 2012 way I know how. I do what I can to put it all down at least some of the time! Lovely blog. Debra

  2. call me old fashion bout board games, cards and love is all I want in my life…but then again without the internet I would not have seen such a great pic and met you! Love ya Jackie

  3. Something I’ve learned over the past few years is that things don’t matter, people matter. This is when I realized that there is no”thing” I can’t live without. Now, PEOPLE, those I can’t live without…

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