Are You a Child at Heart?

I spent much of my adult life trying to be mature – adult like. It’s actually not that exciting as an adult…until you turn 50. It’s actually quite cool to have some of your major goals done and some to still look forward to. It’s pretty cool to have your kids grown up and doing well. It’s even cooler to have grandkids to enjoy and then send home so you can recuperate from all of their energy.

Living life through the eyes of a child makes things new, fresh, exciting and playful. Laughter and play should be in all of our lives. I’m blessed to have so many people with a great sense of humor surround me. I laugh out loud every day. From the people I work with to the person I live with – humor surrounds me. In addition to my daily fun, I get the opportunity to relive childhood each week with my beautiful granddaughter. Today’s activity was catching a snowflake on our tongues and dancing like the munchkins on Wizard of Oz.

Imagine how simple life could be if we could spend even 10 percent of our time exploring the world like a child. Laughing – playing – running  and catching snowflakes on our tongues. Put aside that reality television or the seriousness of daily life, and catch a snowflake or a butterfly.

Enjoy Life!

Here are a few photos from catching snowflakes. I kept the lense open on one causing the multiple images.






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