NOW – Liberation

I attended the Martin Luther King, Jr., luncheon today. The overall message was one that MLK delivered regularly. What can we do to make the world we live in a better place with more peace and less repression. We were reminded – much like we are every day – that there are many historical moments where people weren’t treated equally. We were also reminded to work to try to minimize these inequalities.

I am a woman. Women have routinely been discriminated against in this world and even in our great nation. We were the last group to get the right to vote in the United States. We still are paid 70 percent of our male counterparts. We work harder and longer in order to be recognized in our career and our homes. Most major corporations are predominantly made up of men versus women on the executive level and board level. We could be angry about these indiscretions, but I choose to think of ways to help or mentor women to lead. If you can’t be direct leaders, just lead by example. Running your home, small business, department or your own desk, shows young women the future within their reach.

Martin Luther King had a dream – I have a dream and that all young women grow to know that they have the ability to lead and be the president of this great country. Check out for ideas on mentoring.

Enjoy Life!

Below is a photo of my mom, me and my precious daugher – three generations of women leaders.


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