Frozen in Time

We all heard our mom mention something about walking to school as a child. I’ve actually caught myself wondering how different my kid’s childhood was versus mine. However, would we want to be frozen in time?

The Washington Post recently reported that teenage plastic surgery has increased from more than 3,500 to more than 11,000 in a year. People purchase creams, facials, resurfacing, augmentation, tucks, etc., so that they can be frozen in time. We wouldn’t think of living without a cell phone – in fact it is hard for me to remember how I went out at night – when my kids were young – without having a cell phone. How did I ever live without e-mail. When did the fax machine die? Life changes so fast and rushes by without us ever freezing it, for a moment in time, to enjoy. Enjoy the people around you. Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the love. Enjoy the company. Enjoy, and then maybe in that frozen moment in time, appreciate.

Enjoy life!

Below is a moment frozen.


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