I believe that we are all surrounded by angels. Some we know and some we don’t. I am blessed with many immediate family members who are angels. Most importantly, I have my dad. My dad watches over me and watches out for me – that’s my belief. I believe that loved ones go to heaven. We don’t pray to them – but I ask them to pray for me.

My father was my guiding post – my best friend. Today is his birthday and I honor him today as if he were alive. I honor him by trying to celebrate life the way he taught us to celebrate life. I can honor him by trying to give to others the way he gave. By giving  constant and steady love to people that I don’t know. By giving myself through service and gift. I hope to honor my father’s life by laughing loud and often and by sharing with my family all that he taught us through action and story.

We miss our family members when they leave this earth, but we can honor them by living the life they wanted for us. My father was truly a great man. He was the man I will never forget.

Below is an old polaroid of my father and his best friend Mike. Here, he is laughing like we remember him.


5 thoughts on “Daddy-O

  1. He left a legacy! And it sounds like it’s one that inspires you every day. Regardless of our faith, it’s the “We miss our family members when they leave this earth” that is truly the most difficult and painful aspect of such losses. I guess we can only be grateful for the time we had, live our lives as they would have liked us to, and hope that one day we, too, will leave such legacies for others……AND be reunited with all of them one day in the future.
    Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  2. I love this. Growing up with him as my uncle was a blessing to me. His laughter lives on in my mind forever as does my love i had for him. Miss my uncle George!

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