Puppy Love

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Do you remember talking to your friends in elementary school and telling them your boyfriend’s name? Riding bikes together? Do you remember giggling when they passed you in the hall or having your heart go pitter patter? It’s something you should try to remember. Remember the feeling of excitement of new-found love – or not so new but great love. It is possible. I was blessed to see this with my mom and dad and now with my beautiful daughter and her husband.

Today I felt the pitter patter of baby feet – actually puppy feet. I’m in puppy love. Daisy puppy love. My beautiful daughter and her husband just adopted their first baby – an Airedale puppy. She is absolutely beautiful. That same beautiful feeling comes over you like a blanket and warms your heart. Puppy love. Unconditional excitement to see you. Just the sound of your voice or the gentle pet of your skin warms your heart. Simplicity.

Try and embrace the beauty of puppy love and Enjoy Life! Below is a watercolor of the new member of our family – Daisy.


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