Taking Down Fences

We all have them. Before you read further, you should take a moment and think. What have your fences done for you? Have you advanced on this earth because you have erected fences? Have you been able to try new things and new risks because of fences? I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I doubt it. Fences hold things or people out. Fences hold you in. Fences are harder to climb as we age – not to imply that I am too old to climb them. I would have to say that as I age, I choose to avoid them. It took me quite a few years to start tearing my fences down. About five years ago, I shredded the last few panels and set myself free. I recognize the limitations that my fences made for me.  Hurt and disappointment were not kept out because of my fence. I’m afraid to think of the joy that may have not been realized due to my fences. I thank God – as often as I remember – for the removal of my fence. I love the feeling of freedom and the experiences – good and bad – that I get every day.

Enjoy life!

The picture below is of the fence in my back yard. Fresh snow is falling.


2 thoughts on “Taking Down Fences

  1. What an interesting perspective on fences. I’m not sure how I would answer your question. To be really honest, and a little silly with the metaphor, I kind of straddle the fence on openness! I’m selective…but I’m going to think about this as my week begins. Really intriguing! 🙂 Debra

  2. Thanks for posting this on the project 364 challenge, fences are such an interesting photo as their are so many different kinds.

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