Life Isn’t Always Fair, But It’s Still Really Good

As my odometer continues to roll over, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on good times and times that haven’t been in my top five. What I have learned is that no matter how many times minutes of the day may let you down; life is really still very good. I’ve been blessed with a family and friends that are second to none.

There has been many times where I catch myself planning a pity party. It’s not worth it. Nobody wants to participate – not even me. Buck up little Buckaroo – the sky is blue. When in doubt, cry it out – but remind yourself that there are plenty of people that love you and the bumps we go through in life are meant to make it interesting. Even though these minutes aren’t really worth the tears or the time lost, sometimes they are necessary in order to move to the next square of life.

So, whenever you think that life isn’t fair, remember, life is short – enjoy as many of those minutes that you can. It’s a beautiful world, with a bunch of beautiful people with beautiful hearts. Keep trying to ignore the negative and start fresh every minute. Let those close to you hold your heart, even when it is hard to keep it smiling. Life really is good.

If all else fails, eat some fudge from Mackinac Island. Chocolate cures all.


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