Simply – Stop and Smell the Roses

I don’t know why, but first thing this morning I decided I better take a few minutes a day and enjoy the world around me. I think we all can get wound up in the busyness of life and forget to take a look around and enjoy the beauty. I’ve spent so much time reading and studying the past few years that I forgot about the simple things I enjoy.

My family.  The laughter and love are endless. I’ve spent so much time missing my dad but really I’ve always had him with me. I can look into my sister’s eyes and he is there. He is all around us with the love and generosity he taught us.

My children. They are grown now and quite wonderful. I can finally enjoy each day with them without stress or worry. When they are with me, these are endless times of joy. Watching your child grow into an excited, positive adult is pretty rewarding.

My granddaughters. Perfect love.

My friends – my chosen family.

My family room. This is my room of total peace and family gatherings. I love all the memories and I love how it reminds me of being at home with my mom and dad.

My flower pots – my yard. I love to create them. I love to nourish them. I love to watch them grow and I love to watch the work of art and color in my yard. As my son said last night, “this is so peaceful back here mom.” He’s right. It is.

Myself. I simply need to learn to take care of myself better. I simply need to let myself take a walk with the dog – let myself sit and enjoy all that life gives us each day.

Tonight I walked through Meijer and bought items to do home and office projects. I can’t believe how excited I am to clean and enjoy the sunshine. I bought a bike for my husband so that we could actively spend time together.

Life is so good. This lady is going to learn to simply stop and smell the roses.


7 thoughts on “Simply – Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. What a wonderful list you compiled! I think you are so wonderful to remind us to do just that…look around and appreciate! And what a precious little child! I presume she is your granddaughter and she is just adorable! I’m so glad to read your post tonight. It’s another new day in just a few hours and I’m also going to celebrate what I see around me! Thank you! Debra

  2. Beautifully said Ang!! I was in your backyard today and I thought the same thing. Your flowers are beautiful and it was quiet and cool. I am so happy to know you and call you friend and family!! We all could learn the lesson that you speak of, especially this writer.

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